100wc 30

10,000 years ago this was built but no-one knows why but after 1,000 years it turned from gray to bronze and when ever a bit of it was taken it would regenerate back into its original shape. Three more of theses where built and they keep getting chipped tiny bit by tiny bit by tiny […]

100wc 29

“I was so hungry that I could’ve eaten pink concrete, I forgot to mention but I like to jump on broken revolving doors. I know, it’s strange but everyone in my family does it. A few other things I enjoy doing is riding a bike and eating blue pizza (my favorite dish). Some things i […]

100wc 28

It was a normal day in a office but then, the building shook and then everyone stood still, I evacuated and the building crumbled. I was so sacred that I started running blindly, while I was running I ran into a building and….. I woke up. I was terrified, I went downstairs and made my […]

100wc 27

This is the “Big leaf”. It is very dangerous for two reasons, reason one: it has little spikes on its surface, reason two: it is also very sticky. Because of these reasons if you get stuck to it you will die because of the poison on the spikes. Nobody has lived touching the big leaf […]

100wc 25

“I didn’t mean to hit it that hard mom.” “Well you still broke the window, as a punishment I’m going to be taking your allowance for a month.” “Wait, how much is the window?” “one-hundred dollars.” “I’ll see if I can find a job to pay for it.” “Ok, but you have to pay for […]

100 WC #24

This, is the wild “tree hugger”. It is not very dangerous but it doesn’t like people cutting and or being near it’s tree. It attacks during the night and it attacks by throwing sticks at anyone near by or anyone that chopped it or damaged it in anyway. This is the only photo of it […]

100wc mar 1st

James was swimming around the ocean when he found a white rock he was gentle with it when we went home. He was playing the piano then goes to sleep. When he was springing up out of his bed he hit his head on the bed above his (he currently has no roommate) he went […]

100wc feb 1st

This story takes place in a quiz show. “James, what are cells made of?” “Quarks?” “No, that is incorrect. If Johnson gets this question right he will win. Johnson, what are the three atoms that make a water molecule?” “Is it two oxygen and one hydrogen?” “No, that is incorrect.” A few questions later, and […]

100 wc 18

“Picture this. You are walking looking at you’re new shoes that you got, feeling happy but then you see a key next to some leaves and you pick it up and you see the old broken down house and you decide to go there you try the key … but it doesn’t work, defeated you […]