100wc 16

It’s not like last year James thought! Lunches where no longer free, masks where no longer needed (he still had one on), the news would have stuff other than covid, people where having party’s because covid is over. Things just weren’t the same as last year! James was so happy because he could see his grandparents, and he could do pretty much everything in person instead of doing some in person and some online! But then he wondered ‘what would happen if things didn’t change this year? Afterwords he remembered that people are making the vaccine so it would change

One thought on “100wc 16

  1. I love the tone of your story, Desi. It is very upbeat. You do sound a note of caution just before the end, but then you resolve that potential problem in a very positive way by referring to the vaccines. I also like your comment on the masks. This gives your reader a better understanding of how James is feeling about the pandemic. Let’s hope James is right!

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