100wc 16

It’s not like last year James thought! Lunches where no longer free, masks where no longer needed (he still had one on), the news would have stuff other than covid, people where having party’s because covid is over. Things just weren’t the same as last year! James was so happy because he could see his […]

100wc 15

My one wish is for there to be no currency and everyone goes back to bartering. Why? Because I don’t like how you pay for things instead of exchanging things. For example one family wants an apple, another wants milk, and a third wants eggs, but instead of buying it they can exchange milk for […]

100 WC #14

How can businesses help fight climate change? They can use solar panels, ride bikes to work, make less carbon, and plant more trees. How can they do these stuff? By replacing the roofs with solar panels, make it easier to ride a bike, use less fossil fuel, and have a part of their building be […]

100 WC #13

I think that if the icecaps melted a lot of city’s would be flooded and it would destroy wildlife because animals will have to learn how to swim also I think that it will destroy forests and buildings. Some ways to help include using less cars, and planting more trees to get rid of carbon […]

100 wc 10

This picture makes me sad. Seeing all the smoke coming out of the factory makes me wonder how much damage dose one factory do in a year. It also makes me feel mad that factory’s are making the air much worse just for profit. I hope hugs factory’s are made to help the environment instead […]

100 wc9

One day there was a factory in the phone industry and it caught on fire everyone had to evacuate there where red lights and everyone was afraid. The firemen got a urgent call from a worker but they were not  fast enough to save the factory lucky other factory’s where saved and the one that […]

100 wc 8?

“Bob I told you about the lights!” “Sorry Jim I forgot that they burnt out.” “It’s ok Bob lets go to the store and get new ones.” “Ok let’s do that” ‘one shopping trip later.’ “Ok let’s install these.” “Yay Bob it worked let’s do the rest.” ‘After installing all the lights there was a […]

100 WC #7

This is the picture of the big boy island fire it burned all the trees,grass, and inhabitants. But before the entire island was ash its sister little girl island stoped it. They then moved into the island and helped get the animals and grass back onto the island and it worked. That night lightning struck […]

100 WC # 6

The climate has been changing and its hot the only scientist left got overwhelmed he tried to stop it and made a new species. The green ant, it only made it worse soon winter was extinct and summer got deathly hot. But then everyone died then the plane cooled down but then it was hit […]