100wc 25

“I didn’t mean to hit it that hard mom.” “Well you still broke the window, as a punishment I’m going to be taking your allowance for a month.” “Wait, how much is the window?” “one-hundred dollars.” “I’ll see if I can find a job to pay for it.” “Ok, but you have to pay for it within one week, oh and by the way, you still lose your allowance for a month.” “That’s fair, also I accept your challenge.” ‘One week later’ “ok, I got my paycheck deposited into the bank and now I’ll give one-hundred dollars to my mom.”

One thought on “100wc 25

  1. Hi Desmond! Your idea was cool!! One of many things I like about this piece is the transition “one week later”, it really showed a passage of time. One question how can you get a weekly salary of $100 as a kid, please consider that.

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